Tailor-made solutions, passion included

We love connecting people with their businesses. We really do. What do we love even more? Making sure our customers can achieve their business goals while staying within their budget. We will never impose a standard setup and sell you a package deal. Instead, we’ll evaluate what you need together with you, and design your network accordingly. From security and user access to data centers, collaboration tools and the Internet of Everything, we put years of expertise and passion at your disposal.

Areas where we can work our Interligo magic


We secure your business assets better than Fort Knox. You’ll be protected – from your network to the end-host and any point in between ­– with next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, and much more, whether you’re accessing your assets wirelessly or by cable, on-premise, remotely, or mobile.

User Access

As well as building state-of-the-art wired and wireless networks, we also make sure you’re not stuck behind your desk in the office. When your employees work from home – or from wherever they want for that matter – they won’t lose precious time being stuck in traffic or commuting. Giving them access to company data and applications from anywhere, always, and on any device, improves their work-life balance. At Interligo, we make this happen as safely and efficiently.

Data center

If it has anything to do with data centers, the chances are we can provide it. We’ve shied away from following the market. Instead, we’re leading it. For example, Interligo was one of the first data center integrators to offer customers the flexibility of a hyperconverged infrastructure: a data center-in-a-box. We’ll design, plan, implement, configure, manage, and support the data center you need, whether it’s traditional, converged, or hyperconverged.

Internet of Everything (IoE)

Companies are increasingly adding smart machines or sensors to their buildings and factories. But the real strength of these devices lies within their capabilities to communicate. An impossible feat if they don’t have a strong and reliable network to work with. At Interligo, we’ll make sure you have a top-notch, fast, and secure network that ensures you get the most out of your IoE efforts, whether it’s automating an entire sea port or a smart heating system for your office.


There’s more to being connected to your company than data and applications. We believe your connection with your colleagues and customers is equally important, so we strive to create a bond between them as well. Interligo can provide you with the total package of true unified communications: IP telephony, seamless content and screen sharing, videoconferencing at the touch of a button, instant group messaging, webinar hosting, and even online whiteboarding. Thanks to Interligo, people can work together in every room, on every desk, and on any device.

About Interligo

The seed for our company was sewn almost 26 years ago within the Cronos Group. During their time at the group, our founders became increasingly interested – and of course specialized – in networking and all its layers and aspects, resulting in the creation of Interligo almost five years ago. Our employees have perfected the art of providing customers with network connectivity that is fast, reliable, and secure in small-scale or even global projects within a wide range of industries in both the private and public sectors. With a fine dose of passion and a whole load of experience, our people want to work with you to help you reach your business goals with a solution tailored to your needs. No need to get a specialist in-house, we’ve got you covered with our consulting services.

How we advise and help you get connected to your business


Our certified professionals take charge of every aspect of your project, from intake to launch and throughout the entire process, including evaluation afterwards. Whether you already have a legacy environment, are starting with a clean slate, or have something in between, we’ll provide you with a quick or exhaustive trajectory, custom fitted to your company needs.


Is your IT up and running, but you could use some help to keep it that way? We’re here for you. You can count on us to provide you 24/7 support for your systems. Need less support or want us to help in another way? Just ask and we’ll gladly accommodate your needs.

Specialist outsourcing

Keeping up with technological developments is a full-time job, but your IT budget might not allow for a new recruit. We prefer to work with you, rather than for you, and sometimes we take that quite literally. So if you need just that bit more support, one of our specialists can join your team in-house for however long you want, whether it’s one or two days, or even full-time. Even if you need a specific profile, we can find someone to meet your requirements thanks to our extensive network. If need be, we’ll even hire someone new.