We secure your business assets better than Fort Knox. You’ll be protected – from your network to the end-host and any point in between ­– with next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, and much more, whether you’re accessing your assets wirelessly or by cable, on-premise, remotely, or mobile.
As well as building state-of-the-art wired and wireless networks, we also make sure you’re not stuck behind your desk in the office. When your employees work from home – or from wherever they want for that matter – they won’t lose precious time being stuck in traffic or commuting. Giving them access to company data and applications from anywhere, always, and on any device, improves their work-life balance. At Interligo, we make this happen as safely and efficiently.​
If it has anything to do with data centers, the chances are we can provide it. We’ve shied away from following the market. Instead, we’re leading it. For example, Interligo was one of the first data center integrators to offer customers the flexibility of a hyperconverged infrastructure: a data center-in-a-box. We’ll design, plan, implement, configure, manage, and support the data center you need, whether it’s traditional, converged, or hyperconverged.​
There’s more to being connected to your company than data and applications. We believe your connection with your colleagues and customers is equally important, so we strive to create a bond between them as well. Interligo can provide you with the total package of true unified communications: IP telephony, seamless content and screen sharing, videoconferencing at the touch of a button, instant group messaging, webinar hosting, and even online whiteboarding. Thanks to Interligo, people can work together in every room, on every desk, and on any device.
Companies are increasingly adding smart machines or sensors to their buildings and factories. But the real strength of these devices lies within their capabilities to communicate. An impossible feat if they don’t have a strong and reliable network to work with. At Interligo, we’ll make sure you have a top-notch, fast, and secure network that ensures you get the most out of your IoE efforts, whether it’s automating an entire sea port or a smart heating system for your office.
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