Sustainability Interligo

As a Belgian ICT company, Interligo strives for sustainable growth, with a good balance between financial results and social responsibility. Interligo remains committed to being a responsible and sustainable company that strengthens the relationship with its stakeholders through consultation and dialogue. Our most important stakeholders are our employees, our customers, shareholders and suppliers.

The responsibility for sustainable entrepreneurship is shared and belongs to the entire organization. All organizational units of Interligo have an important role in furthering its sustainability ambitions.

The points below describe Interligo’s activities in the field of sustainability, environment, and social responsibility.

Climate efforts

  • Home office
  • Working from home, remote support and video conferencing to limit travel
  • Adjust access to buildings and meeting rooms for disabled people
  • Reusable drinking cups
  • Working with suppliers who think climate-positive
  • Digital transformation to ‘paperless office’. If printing on paper is necessary ‘recto/verso’ and not in colour!
  • ‘Green’ office environment; LED lighting – trees and plants around the buildings


  • Switching to electric cars
  • Promote the use of bicycle and e-bike
  • Eco driving training for employees
  • Organize care-free days every year


  • Contract with partner for recycling and sorting no longer used ICT material
  • Sorted waste collection on work floor
  • Close cooperation with A-brand manufacturers with sustainability management
  • Ecological and recyclable packaging material
  • Reuse of the packaging materials for shipments


  • Reaching Zero Emission by 2050
  • Reducing our waste with 90% by 2030
  • Using 100 percent renewable energy for mobility by 2030