Why should you attend our event “IoT, more than connectivity!”

On Wednesday 26th October Cisco and Interligo are organizing an event at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde. But what’s the focus of this event, and why is it important for you to attend?

“Will change happen to you, or be led by you?”, a challenge by Living Tomorrow. But with Cisco’s technology and Interligo’s expertise, you’ll be on the right track. “We would like to inform our customers about the latest evolutions within IT/OT”, says Henrik Collin, Managing Partner of Interligo.

IT/OT solutions for your company
Whether it’s smart sensors, ways to save energy, automate security or 5G-connectivity, we would like to show you all kinds of Cisco possibilities that can be an asset to your company and its future. In addition to that, we always make sure our customers can achieve their business goals while staying within their budget. And that’s something we keep in mind during this event. “Let’s think about how IoT solutions can help you to be more productive with lower cost”, says Henrik.

And that’s not all. Cisco and Interligo would like to take you on a journey to the future, that’s not so far away anymore. “Learn about the possibilities with private 5G and other connectivity solutions such as Wifi6e and Cisco Ultra reliable wireless backhaul.”

All our customers are important to us. That’s why all the opportunities we demonstrate, must be an asset for you. We’ll show the attendees how to integrate IT with OT in a secure manner and how to use IoT solutions for cost reduction during these high energy prices. Besides that, we would like to inform you on all kinds of sensors that are available and how they can be integrated in a total end to end solution. We’d also like to explain how to connect your OT environment in a secure manner within depth visibility.

An experience at Living Tomorrow

Living Tomorrow, where you can experience the (near) future, is the perfect location to showcase you all of this.

Join us at this event and stay up to date and informed about (new) IoT(E) solutions. Have interesting meetings with the experts, exchange ideas with peers, network with others, and talk about your business challenges with each other.

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