… the seed for our company was sewn almost 26 years ago within the Cronos Group? During their time at the group, our founders became increasingly interested – and of course specialized – in networking and all its layers and aspects, resulting in the creation of Interligo in 2013. Our employees have perfected the art of providing customers with network connectivity that is fast, reliable, and secure in small-scale or even global projects within a wide range of industries in both the private and public sectors.

We sure know how to team up with the best experts and vendors. That’s why we can proudly say that we have collaborations with some great specialist in the IT-field.

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It’s not a secret that every industry has its own specialities, logics and strategy. We have solid ties with all kinds of businesses, such as Private, Healthcare, Retail, Food, Logistics, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Harbour, Industrial, Facilities, Financial and Maritime sector.

Interligo understands all requirements an industry needs to achieve certain missions. That gives us insight and knowhow on many fields. We believe in your strategy, but we also have ambition to complete your work without changing your vision.

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We love to take care of people. And that includes our employees. 

As part of an amazing team, every employee gets the opportunity to learn and evolve. In this environment with a flat structure where initiative is strong, everybody can help build their own story at a dynamic company in full expansion. Our employees are key to determine the future of Interligo. 

There’s no need to highlight that, as part of Uptime Group and Cronos Group, the possibilities for self-growth are endless. We support each and every person to grow in the area they’d like. Sentences like “I finally have the chance to achieve my goals” and “I’m very glad to have found a workplace like this” are very common at Interligo.

Catch them young, as they say … We also like to share our expertise with learners and young potentials. Are you curious to continue learning? Or are you looking for an internship? You’re more than welcome!   


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